Dacota Muckey Healed Souls in Hilo, Hawai’i Last Weekend

By: Moriel O’Connor

Some days are spent upon a black sand beach, between cliff sides and riptides, with climbing trees and drum circle beats. Other times, we stay inside. There are rainstorms, and they keep us humble. Some people get lost, but there is still plenty of concrete in the midst of this jungle.

Dacota Muckey.

Dacota Muckey.

Last Saturday night in Hilo there was no rain. Only roses. Roses that were probably grown, then flown from overseas. Maybe marked half off after V-day, then gifted around Hilo Town Tavern in perfect timing, at the heart of Dacota Muckey’s performance. Strong and empowering, his voice brought people in from blocks away.

Dacota sings passionately or not at all. He dwells in some type of “feel it in your bones” vocal range that few can touch. In 2018, Dacota released a record titled This is the Music that Heals Your Soul. With acoustic roots, loop pedal effects, and a tendency to swim through genres and improvise interludes, he creates a profound sound for a solo artist.

Based out of Indianapolis, Dacota has shared stages with acts such as Blues Traveler and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and played for music festivals Shangrila and Bonnaroo.  He also plays in midwest jam band, “The Trip.” He lifts spirits on and off the stage, and has a voice that deserves to be heard. Turn up his album to hear for yourself.


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