Why Corsicana Are One of Denver's Finest Up & Coming Indie Acts

By: Sam Piscitelli

As I walked into Globe Hall around 10:30PM, I was immediately caught in a sea of people anxiously waiting for Corsicana to take the stage. As I found a spot where I could just barely see the band, I heard different comments about the group from the people around me: “Man this band is really good- thanks for coming with me to check it out!”, “I can’t wait to hear them!” and “This is going to be a great night.” It seemed Corsicana had already garnered a warm and welcomed reputation. As the band finished their soundcheck, the crowd erupted into cheers, whistles and screams. Lead singer, Ben Pisano let the audience know that since it was Perennial’s release party, they were going to play the whole album from start to finish.

As they dove into their latest artistic effort, everyone in the room either fell quiet or let loose. One way or another, they let the music soak over them. You could feel the electricity in the venue. Corsicana took that energy and engaged the audience in an intimate way, making it seem like they (and you) were the only ones standing in the room that night.

Corsicana at Globe Hall. Photo Credit: CODO Productions.

Corsicana at Globe Hall. Photo Credit: CODO Productions.

Corsicana’s songs spoke for themselves, showcasing the undeniable talent of the musicians, their songwriting, their knowledge of their instruments, and their vocals. Each song was carefully played as Corsicana kept their instruments taut, leading the crowd through 55 minutes of raw, unfiltered emotional honesty. Whether it was the switch from the “A side” of the album to the “B side,” there wasn’t a moment where the band didn’t pour their hearts onto the stage and leave them there for all to see. Up there exposed, Corsicana thrived in the openness of it all. They somehow even sounded better live than on the record. I would be surprised and disappointed if they didn’t take advantage of their performance excellence and put out an alternative release of Perennial as a live session EP.

As a rock band, Corsicana quiets themselves to be loud. They’ve figured out who they are even before their first record, and this time around they’re allowing themselves to glow without the worry of it all. It’s a special thing to see- the moment a band considers themselves worthy of their fans, when all along the fans felt that they were the ones who were thankful for them. Even when Corsicana ended their set, their fans erupted chanting, “Encore!” Corsicana walked back onto the stage and played a finale song, letting fans know that even when all is said and done, they are thankful for them and all their support.

People talk about seeing bands before they become big because they knew the moment they saw them they would be someone. Corsicana is one of those valuable Denver indie bands. I wouldn’t be shocked if they signed to a label in a year or two. Dare I say, they are one of Denver’s finest bands and their release show proved it.

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