Which Are the Best Digital Pianos Right Now?

Source: Deposit Photos

Source: Deposit Photos

Digital pianos found their way from student’s practice rooms to major concert halls and recording studios all over the world. They are a more affordable and comfortable alternative to classic pianos and their sound manages to reach perfection. Digital pianos are versatile and address both beginner and professional musicians and artists. However, one question we will try to answer today is which are the best digital pianos right now?

In order to answer this question, we will look at some of the most high-performing digital pianos on the market to help you make better choices!

1. Casio Privia PX 750

Casio makes some of the most interesting and valuable musical instruments to date, and the Casio Privia PX 750 does not fall short of the brand’s reputation. With its proprietary tri-sensor scaled action hammer system and class compliant MIDI technology, the Casio Privia PX 750 is both a technological and artistic wonder.

While the piano is not a model of portability (it weights over 70 pounds), it is an impressive instrument ready to satisfy the most sophisticated of tastes. We also recommend you to check out this Casio Privia digital piano review as it emphasizes some of the most important tech specs, aesthetic considerations, sound quality, polyphony count, device compatibility, touch sensitivity, and more.

2. Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console

Yamaha is one of the most reputable musical instruments manufacturers in the world, and for all the good reasons. The YDP143R Arius Series Console is a digital piano with bench, helping the artist achieve amazing and almost hypnotic sounds. It provides the musician with weighted key action – same as a classic piano – and superior tech specs, together with impeccable sound.

The Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console provides the musician with an expressive and dynamic artistic experience based on the untainted CF sound engine. While the piano comes with a song memory containing 50 classic piano songs, this highly performing instrument is able to create the warmth and wonder of a Jessica Eppler album.

As training and experienced musicians probably know by now, the competition between Casio and Yamaha is fierce. If you want to pick a specific digital piano from one of these two brands, you will have to perform thorough research before a purchase.

3. Roland RD-800

Roland’s signature SuperNATURAL technology gives an entire new meaning to the concept of “live performance.” The Roland RD-800 comes with an 88-note keyboard and hammer-action design, offering the most authentic rendition of a grand piano’s sound to date. With its five acoustic piano types with 34 variations, the RD-800 offers all the versatility an accomplished musician needs: the ability to perform in solo concert and make outstanding music in the studio.

What is more important in the RD-800 is that fact that a concert audience may never notice the difference between digital and acoustic when it comes to the clarity, crispness, warmth, and color of piano music. This is a product for the seasoned professional who wants the perfection of a grand piano at the price of a digital one.

4. Kawai ES8

Kawai pianos are elite instruments dedicated to those musicians whose life oscillates between live performances and studio recordings. The Kawai ES8 is an exclusivist 88-keys digital piano with Responsive Hammer III action, Harmonic Imaging XL sound technology, 256-note maximum polyphony and 37 sounds. Beyond the advanced tech specs, however, which you would clearly expect from a Kawai product, the ES8 impresses with its clear sound, on par with acoustic pianos.

The Rhythm Section is particularly of interest for the live performer, as it allows all the dynamism and versatility you want on a stage. Moreover, the One Finger Ad-Lib function allows the artist to have full control of the music and constantly improve the repertoire and the performance.

5. Korg SP170s

The Korg SP170s is an 88-keys digital piano intending to be the more affordable version of exclusivist instruments in this category. It is a rather minimalist model, but you will not be able to move it around a lot, as it is a bit heavy. The SP-2 sustain pedal with style action for keyboard, the 10 built-in-sounds, and the excellent construction of the keyboard makes this Korg a good choice for the beginner student or performer.

While it will not be able to sustain a major concert one a major stage, you will be able to use it for practice, small solo gigs, and some music creation in your studio. An affordable choice if you are just exploring the path of digital music making and playing.

Final Thoughts

Digital pianos come in many makes and models and some can even play by themselves. The main lesson you should take from this is that you need to choose a digital piano that best fits your skills, your needs, and your career plans. Investing in an expensive, elite digital piano if you are a beginner may prove a poor choice on the long run. However, if you are a musician looking for upgrades, these pianos are the best you will find on the market for your particular interests.