'Mourning In Amerika Tour' Keeps Red Rocks Amphitheatre Crowd on Their Toes

By: Nathan Sheppard

The Mourning In Amerika tour was everything that you would expect: a perfect mix of politics and great punk rock. All those who made it to Red Rocks Amphitheater this past Saturday were treated to three of the best punk bands from the past few decades.

Running onto the stage first was Anti-Flag, who is arguably the most political band out there. They made it clear from the start that they stand for no racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or discrimination but also love having a good time. Normally you would see some moshing or crowd surfing at an Anti-Flag show but being at Red Rocks, jumping around had to suffice.  

The crowd geared up for every inner emo kids’ favorite band AFI. Everyone in the band ran out onstage minus lead singer Davey Havok, as the rest of the band played the hard-hitting intro “Strength Through Wounding.” They then flowed into “Girl’s Not Grey” as Davey made a dramatic entrance on stage. About halfway through the set, Davey went out into the crowd and then climbed on top of a rock on the south side of the venue to sing the rest of the current song. They then finished with their most popular song, “Miss Murder” to top off the epic set.

Rise Against was finally up and the Red Rocks veterans captivated the venue from start to finish. Rise Against is a perfect combination of the openers- they’re political and they rock the hell out. Frontman Tim Mcllrath frequently talked about current events and environmental issues between songs. After playing through eleven tracks, we were gifted with a mini five-song acoustic set, starting with “Voices Off Camera.” The band played this from the soundboard in the crowd. The set was then finished with a three-song encore with the final song, “Prayer of the Refugee” closing out the night and everyone singing along and dancing.

This is a collective of artists you don’t want to miss live! The remaining dates of the Mourning In Amerika Tour can be found here.


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.