Godsmack & Shinedown's Current Co-Headlining Tour Is Explosive

By: Ryan Schultz

My first concert photo shoot as a BolderBeat photographer ended up being one of the best shows I've experienced. It was the first time I’ve seen all three of these bands live and they all had something crazy cool and unique to bring to the table. Like A Storm came all the way from New Zealand for this tour and started the evening off with heavy sounds and something new to me: didgeridoo metal! At one point, the band, who is comprised of three brothers and their good friend, even brought their parents onstage. It was a touching start to the night.


Shinedown’s set followed with explosive style and energy and amazing stage presence. Every song made great use of the numerous firework launchers around the stage and an EDM-style laser shows added to their killer performance. Shinedown’s lead singer Brent Smith was incredible at interacting with the crowd and kept the entire amphitheater fully hyped. He performed two songs from the back lawn of the amphitheater, and even took the time in the middle of the first song to shake my hand in the pit.



Godsmack’s set was absolutely solid. Moving stage sets and a combination of fireworks and other pyrotechnics really made their show stand out. Their lead singer Sully Erna had comical interactions with the crowd between songs, keeping people smiling. Toward the end of the set, Godsmack played a full instrumental song with two full drums kits, the second one being played by Sully, and both drummers exchanged solos and showed off their technical skills to the delight of us all.

Overall, it was an absolutely amazing show and I would not hesitate to see any of these bands again. You can still catch Godsmack and Shinedown on their North American tour until October 13th. They then jump the pond and play Europe starting October 30th. Keep up with these tours here.

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