Review: Major Glen Know Their Way Around a Hard Rock 90s Vibe & They Aren’t Ashamed to Rub It In Your Face

By: Norman Hittle

Glendale rock trio Major Glen seem to know their way around a hard rock 90s era vibe, and after releasing their debut album a few weeks back, they aren’t ashamed to rub it in everyone’s face.

Major Glen.

Major Glen.

What you may notice right out of the gate is these lo-fi alt/punk rockers have a ton of “sounds like” references, and as you go on through their music, the list just piles up. We have nods to The Violent Fems, The Pixies, The Wallflowers, and even a splash of Nirvana, not to mention some of their lyrical content, which lends itself to themes similar to Weezer’s Blue Album and Pearl Jam’s Ten. Now, normally, I would say all these similarities lean toward a lack of identity, but I am flabbergasted at how well Major Glen manages to make this cumulative 90s influence their own thing.

Unfortunately for us, these guys only have seven songs on this debut. Granted, it’s seven more than we had before, but not to worry. They are slated to begin recording their next batch of songs in January 2019 and in the meantime, are trying to make their rounds with some live performances in the Denver area, like the one below:

Major Glen will be supporting The Mazlows August 24th along with Stray the Course and Exit Liberty. Event details here.

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