Review: NIGHTS New Single "Over & Over" Stands Out From the Haze

By: Julia Talen

Blogger, fashionista, poet, and musician Mel Denisse has been growing her latest musical project NIGHTS since the start of the year, first with her single, “Hollow” released in January and then the followup single “Gone,” which has a new music video. Just recently, her latest tune “Over and Over” dropped. The track, which was produced by Carlos de la Garza (Teenage Wrist, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World), has already snagged a spot on Spotify’s “New Rock” playlist.

NIGHTS alt-rock vibe radiates from her latest track, but the intensity of this song’s shoegaze elements differentiates it from her first two gripping singles. “Over and Over” starts off with a soft, balanced melody incorporating electric guitar and bass as well as a steady drum beat. But as the song moves forward, the residual sounds of the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals carry subtly through the track, amplified in the catchy refrain. It finishes off with nearly twenty seconds of thick amp echoes that slowly fade, a poignant compositional choice. All of the haziness embedded in the track mirrors the lyrics and themes of the song-the inescapable and nebulous rumination of the mind “over and over” again.


Additionally, for each of Mel Denisse’s singles comes exquisitely photographed album art. For ”Over and Over,” Denisse stands amongst mist, fog, and haze in several photos that have been layered, reiterating the tune’s ideas and concepts.

With the intriguing content in her latest single and the talent evident in all of her music this year, it’s no doubt that NIGHTS career is just beginning to bloom and flourish.


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