Denver's The Hollow Are Creating Community Everywhere They Go

By: Hannah Oreskovich

If there’s one Denver band creating community everywhere they go, it’s Denver’s The Hollow. The four-piece rock’n’roll outfit, who released their video for “Sleep Talkin’” earlier this year, are constantly throwing inclusive events. From their actual shows where you’ll find them wandering the crowd between sets befriending every guest, to their monthly Mental Wellness Meetups, this is a band who deeply cares about the Denver music industry community. And it shows.

Just last night, The Hollow previewed their forthcoming EP Contact at Skate City in a 90s-themed rager. Attendees enjoyed nachos from Illegal Pete’s and kegs from Black Bottle Brewery, played a number of arcade games for free, and of course, skated to the band’s new rockin’ record and a ton of 90s jams.

The Hollow. Photo per the author. 

The Hollow. Photo per the author. 

Frontman Spencer Townshend Hughes announced the band’s songs from the DJ booth while the other members hyped up the crowd in the rink. Attendees skated around listening to the band’s new cover of “Pure Imagination,” along with four new tracks including their previously released “Sleep Talkin’.”

Said Hughes when I caught up to him in the rink, “We wanted to do something with this party that was different and brought everyone together. It’s something different from a show- no one’s really done this. People keep asking tonight, ‘When are you performing?’ And we keep saying, ‘We’re not!’ We’re just here to hang out with the people we love and the people who support us. This is for them.”

The Hollow will continue their efforts in the community next Saturday when Hughes will host a Mental Wellness Meetup at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase on Saturday July 28th from 10AM-12PM at Metropolis Coffee. A therapist from the Aurora Mental Health Center will be onsite.

The band in the rink. 

The band in the rink. 

The Hollow have more event announcements on the way as they continue to foster a great community within Denver’s scene. Keep up with their upcoming shows and events here.


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