Review: Lost Aliens' New EP Welcomes You on a Celestial Ride of Psych

Lost Aliens.

Lost Aliens.

Denver-based band Lost Aliens formed in early 2017 and recently released their third recorded project, Welcome, Welcome, a trippy triad of hypnotic tunes that melds a variety of instrumental components to create a rich set of textured tracks.

Experimental and psychedelic music sometimes loses the listener if its complexities don’t connect. But in Lost Aliens’ case, the use of the flute and simple percussion grounds and balances out the synths and more cosmic qualities of each tune. The blending of experimental instrumentation with simple instrumentation echoes poetic lyrics that fuse components of earthly nature with celestial spaces, such as “creation in a seed/created by a timeless/floating in the stars/growing leaves of revery.” This wonderful mixing carries throughout the EP and invites listeners to ponder the relationship between the abstract and the concrete; nature and space.

The first track off Welcome, Welcome, titled “Ancient Seas” starts off with a deep, synthy intro whch flows like a tide and dissolves into a duet of electronic guitar paired with the flute. The flute gives the song an ancient feel- it’s roomy and mystical, encouraging the listener to traverse the colorful, celestial landscape the band constructs in their music while holding on to the comfort of the familiar flute. The vocals in this song have an unworldly quality to them and hover around the inquisitive musical landscape. Moreover, the rhythmic track has a soothing quality, a vibe that runs through the other tracks on the EP.

The second track, “Good Question (feat. Swan)” evokes a bluesy vibe alluding to the saxophone that will come into play as the track moves forward. The percussive claps that run through the song ground the more exploratory instrumentation, much like the flute in the first song did. This track wanders like our pondering questions and thoughts, as it builds and fills out, almost painting a panoramic mural of the mind like a jungle, once again melding the cerebral with natural imagery via the channel of music.

The final track, “Star Light (feat Space Kitty),” is the most lyric heavy of the three and follows through on the theme of connecting celestial elements like stars and galaxies to natural imagery. The lyrics are optimistic (“starlight shines from inside all of us”), and as the track unravels, the middle hits a catchy, upbeat stride before building and breaking off seamlessly into more psychedelic territory. The flute is mesmerizing as the track wanders toward the ending when a haunting voice tells the listener, “Welcome, welcome/Welcome all/The carnival.”

Lost Aliens’ EP spawns deep, meditative thinking, as we’re left to consider the carnival of life: our place in the universe, the natural world, and the elements in flux between the two. Lost Aliens have churned out a thought-provoking project that invites all sorts of reflection and wondering from listenings through lyrics and instrumentation.


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