What Happened at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2018

What Happened at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2018

Thousands of music lovers once again descended on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 2018 Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a weekend of unbridled fun and endless music. Its mission statement as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal was, “Never grow up.” Looking at the fun that was had, it is fair to say that the crowds took this motto to heart.

Grammy winners on show

For all the other attractions, the EDC 2018 was ultimately all about music, and there was plenty of it all throughout the weekend. Songs from various genres permeated the airspace of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with electronic music at the forefront of the festival. Hip-hop hits blared all over, too, with tracks from Grammy winners Kendrick Lamar and Drake emerging as clear favorites. Singles from artists such as Diplo, Darude, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were also well received.


Equality at last

The EDC served as a platform for various artists to showcase their musical talent, with acts like Lost Frequencies, Matt Medved, NGHTMRE, Pendulum, Sage Armstrong, Vini Vici, and Warface all performing sets. Notably, this year’s festival featured the biggest female lineup in EDC history. Fifteen of the most talented females in the industry, including Black Madonna, Mija, Lauren Lane, Mariana Bo, and Rezz, put on a dazzling display of talent, proving without doubt that more female artists deserve to be on the EDC stage in the coming years.

Packed with fun

The festival also had much more than just the music, as it came with its own amusement park rides that incorporated electric displays. These included a Ferris wheel, a Big Splash water log ride, and a Pharaoh’s Fury ship. The rides complemented the music perfectly and added an extra dimension to the festival.

Wanna get married by Elvis?

Every year the festival has something special for lovebirds, as the ECD offers the opportunity to get married in true Vegas style: a wedding package that comes with an Elvis officiant. The package includes an Elvis minister, two songs by Elvis, and the use of the Daisy Electric Bouquet. It is no surprise that people want to be married by the star, as it is hard to understate how important his love affair with Vegas was in creating the city’s music heritage. Elvis’s road manger Joe Esposito explained why Vegas and Elvis were a perfect match, stating: “He enjoyed Vegas tremendously because it was the only town you could do 24 hours a day”. His legacy continues to be celebrated to this day across the world and through all forms of entertainment. Elvis The King Lives by Foxy Bingo shows that even though he has been dead for many years, fans still want to interact with and celebrate the star whether it is online or being married by him. The EDC crowds embraced the spirit of Elvis this year by partying for 24 hours.

What make it so special?

What makes the ECD so special is the crowd, who dress up and embrace the spirit of the festival. For those thinking of heading to Vegas next year, start planning your time to include the Electric Daisy Carnival.