'Does This Look Infected?' 15-Year Anniversary Tour Hits Denver With a Birthday Bang

By: Nathan Sheppard

Denver was treated to a party this past Monday as we celebrated the 15-year anniversary of Sum 41’s iconic album Does This Look Infected? at The Ogden.

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41.

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41.

The festivities were kicked off by Super Whatevr, who recently released their debut album Never Nothing, with their unique blend of sad topics with upbeat lyrics and melodies. This was the band’s third trip through Denver in the past few months and each time their show gets better and better, as was seen when people throughout the crowd were singing along to “Bloomfield” and “Someone Somewhere Somehow.” Their fun loving attitudes were infectious and a great way to get everyone excited for the night.

Seaway, who is arguably one of the best modern pop-punk bands today, followed Super Whatevr and absolutely smashed it. The band’s charismatic frontman Ryan Locke brought so much energy to the set as he jumped and danced all over the stage. Seaway had the whole crowd bouncing along with them to older song “Slam,” along with new tunes from their album Vacation like “London.” It was a great set to pump everyone up for the main event of the night, Sum 41.


With confetti flying, Sum 41 started the set off with a bang and a slight pause to pick a couple of fans to watch the whole thing from the side stage. Frontman Deryck Whibley called it a birthday party for the fans, saying without their support none of this would have been possible. With it being a birthday party, he encouraged people can do “whatever you want,” and with that rule in place they did things a little differently than other anniversary shows and played a “setlist that they would have played back in 2003” and mixed all the DTLI songs up. The set included their hits “Over My Head,” “Still Waiting,” and “The Hell Song,” with a new song “Fake My Own Death” (inspired by a demo tape from DTLI). The show finished off with a three-song encore ending with their breakthough song “Fat Lip” for a fitting way to end this birthday bash.

The crowd. 

The crowd. 

It’s pretty crazy to think that one of the essential albums that many pop-punk fans grew up listening to is 15-years-old today! Sum 41 gave us a night to remember and a night to relive the glory days of 90s and 2000s pop-punk. You can follow the remaining dates of the Does This Look Infected? tour and keep up with Sum 41 here.

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