The Neighbourhood Sold Out Yet Another Denver Show

By: Taylor Naiman

Last Friday, The Neighbourhood took the stage at the Ogden Theater in Denver. The five-piece are best known for their tune “Sweater Weather,” which first hit the airwaves in 2013. This catchy tune launched them into stardom and put them on Billboard’s Hot 100 the same year. With their song titled “Honest” from The Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack, the band continued to stay in the popular music sphere in 2014. This year, the band dropped their self-titled record, which features 12 new tracks, has garnered some buzz, and has afforded the group international tour plans this summer with numerous festival appearances. For such a young band, The Neighbourhood have found a perfect blend of indie rock, R&B, electronica and hip-hop that works well. Their sound is often chilling and moody, and their live shows are riveting thanks to frontman Jesse Rutherford's charisma. Needless to say, when Denver was picked to be the first city on the band's 2018 spring tour, devout fans could not have been more excited.

The Neighbourhood. 

The Neighbourhood. 

Fans began lining up at noon in the freezing weather on Friday in Denver, and the line wrapped around several blocks. This was clearly a crowd who appreciates small venues and loves the intimacy of seeing The Neighbourhood outside of a festival experience. In fact, since 2013, The Neighbourhood have played sold-out shows at Denver’s Ogden Theaterand every year, their audience comes back for another round.

Jesse Rutherford. 

Jesse Rutherford. 

Once in the venue and out of the cold, the crowd suddenly found their voices and dance moves after a somewhat sleepy opening set from Field Medic. After The Neighborhood took the stage, there was not one quiet or motionless individual. Everyone in the crowd knew every word to all of their set. Looking around, you could see how this band’s music has truly formed a community. There were girls, guys, mothers, and even security personnel singing and dancing along to the music. Throughout the duration of their set, frontman Jesse Rutherford demanded attention, and for the song, ”Wiped Out!,” he made his tambourine a quintessential staple in the live song, creating a rhythmic channel that the audience fell right into.


During the show, fans heard tunes from the band’s first album I Love You along with songs from their most recent album The Neighbourhood. Some of their set included “Dust,” “Afraid,” “Scary Love,” “Daddy Issues,” and “Stuck With Me.” Though the band closed with "Sweater Weather" and didn’t come back for an encore, fans didn’t appear disappointed.

Catch The Neighbourhood next at Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California this weekend, and make sure to follow their Spotify.


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