Review: Dallas Thornton Releases New Rock Single "Ordinary Girls"

Boulder’s Dallas Thornton has released his latest single, the catchy rock tune “Ordinary Girls.” Thornton, a Colorado musician known for his intimately theatrical live performances, is releasing his sophomore record Talking To Myself this April. In 2015, Thornton’s debut album In Case It Rains showcased his softer folk rock acoustic stylings. But with the release of “Ordinary Girls,” it sounds like Thornton’s new record may show us a different side of Thornton’s musical abilities with heavier rock elements, catchy choruses, and a more produced sound.

“Ordinary Girls” opens with an Spanish-style guitar flare that gives way to the song’s first verse. Thornton sings about presumably a girl who is set apart from the rest in his mind, saying “Do I risk a dance/To chance romance/Or to blow my cool?” Then at just over 30 seconds in, the chorus hits with a choppy guitar lick and upbeat percussion. It’s instantly catchy, repeating “Oh she kicked me in the heart/Made a sucker wanna start... She's not an ordinary girl.” Later it opens into a breakdown where Thornton repeats, “You know you make me wanna!” backed by swirling “oh my my” vocals. If you’ve already started your summer playlist shopping, this tune is a must-add.

 Dallas Thornton.

Dallas Thornton.

Said Thornton about the track, “The song is a celebration of strong women. I owe so much to the women in my life who have taught me a lot about being honest and expressive and real.”

Check out Thornton’s single above and catch his record release show at Lost Lake April 26th for Talking To Myself. Keep up with Dallas Thornton on Facebook.

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