Trevor Hall's 'The Fruitful Darkness EP' Is A Labor of Love

By: Elizabeth Lee

In today’s profit-driven world, it can be hard to define yourself as an artist and maintain the initial passion that drew you to your art. Trevor Hall is one of those whose focus and love for music have lead him to fruition.

Trevor Hall.

Trevor Hall.

Raised in South Carolina, he recorded his first album at the age of sixteen and then traveled to California where he learned classical guitar, as well as the practices of yoga and meditation. Both of these areas of his life would play a major part in the making of his eastern-inspired sound. Trevor would also draw from his roots of spirituality when it came to building a fanbase and connecting with his listeners.

The Fruitful Darkness EP is Trevor’s first independent release, and it was funded entirely by supporters through Kickstarter. Trevor’s fanbase, known as “The Villagers” worked together to raise a total of $137,570, making it the #1 Kickstarter music campaign in 2017. The collaborative effort resulted in its debut at #9 on the iTunes Alternative Charts.


Artistically, the album pushes boundaries by releasing in three separate installments of 3-5 songs all on specific lunar dates. Trevor’s smooth vocals and guitar weave through every soulful track, bringing to mind the folksy vibe of Bon Iver or songwriting prowess of Jack Johnson. He has a tendency to surprise too- when you hear him rapping over Asian-inspired acoustics, the listener is brought back to his roots and reminded of his leadership in the conscious music community.

Be sure to listen to parts I, II, and III of The Fruitful Darkness EP and catch Trevor on his A Night in the Village Tour this spring across the United States and Europe.

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