Beyond Bridges Release Debut Reggae Rock Record 'On My Mind'

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Colorado’s Beyond Bridges have released their debut EP On My Mind. The reggae rock four-piece, who are based in Pueblo, have made quite a name for themselves in the Colorado reggae scene over the past year. They’ve shared stages with bands like Trevor Hall, The Wailers, HIRIE, and Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, and at their live shows, have developed a loyal following who are referred to as their “coconuts.” Comprised of Tony Garcia (guitar/vocals/bass), Kai Furuto (guitar/vocals/bass), Adrian Hernandez (guitar/vocals/bass), and Kyle Spinuzzi (drums), Beyond Bridges are an act who hold true to spreading positive vibes with their music, and this is evident on their debut EP.

On My Mind starts off with the record’s title track, which captures you with soft reggae sounds before enveloping your ears into harder rock elements. This is the song the band released as their debut single a few weeks back, and it has an uplifting, beachy quality to it with strummy strings and marked, offbeat percussion. It totally belongs on your 2018 summer playlist. “Bad Medicine” follows suit, and has the almost opposite construction- it starts with heavy rock riffs and a thick bass line before opening into more mellow sounds. It also has metal-esque guitars sprinkled throughout that will make you wanna headbang.

Beyond Bridges. 

Beyond Bridges. 

“The Great Beyond” holds down the middle slot on the five-track EP, and is a short, all-instrumental soundscape song. It’s a tune that feels like it might be played first in a live set, used to plant the night’s vibes before pulling in the audience with a real burner. “NSQS” is next, and its chorus is made to sing along with: “when you go/the world moves so slow/and when you go/I feel so alone.” It’s catchy and tells the most straightforward story lyrically on the record.

Furuto, Garcia, Spinuzzi, & Hernandez.

Furuto, Garcia, Spinuzzi, & Hernandez.

On My Mind closes with “Black Widow,” a super groovin’ track which incorporates classic reggae guitar sounds while maintaining a gritty rock edge. You’ll find yourself boppin’ your head along along for the first 1:18, which is purely instrumental. From there, this one jets into a heavy rock song, fit with stretchy string solos and echoing vocals. Beyond Bridges recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced the entire record live with Matt Herrera of Last Leaf Audio & Design.

Said member Adrian Hernandez about the band’s debut release, “We are excited about this release because we are finally getting some music out for our followers to share and enjoy with the ones they love. On My Mind is a raw interpretation of Beyond Bridges since each song is made entirely of live takes. That means whether or not you are listening to us in your car or at a show, we will truly sound like us. We love that transparency because as we move from one album to the next, our followers will hear genuine growth. We hope they can really feel the time and love we promised to put into all of this.”

I feel the love- do you coconuts? Give Beyond Bridges’ On My Mind a listen above and catch the band live at Brues Ale House this Wednesday, March 21st for their release show.

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