John Lensing Releases New Music Video For "Joanie"

By: Trevor Ryan

John Lensing, the Minneapolis bred turned Colorado singer/songwriter released his new video for the heart-wrenching, soulful “Joanie” this month and it’s everything you wanted it to be.

You may know John for his street performing on the streets of…. well everywhere, or maybe you’ve caught a show or two. No matter how you may have stumbled upon Lensing’s tunes, you one thing you’re sure to get when listening is a moment of sincerity and brilliance. Flowing with influences such as Passenger, and all while gripping you with an awe-inspiring take of his own is exactly where you’ll find his newest folk gem “Joanie.” Lensing has this incredible ability to take the world and tell you what it means with raw emotion and simplicity.

The song itself portrays the story of a young woman who has “her picture taken every week,” who is surrounded by everyone that “made” her, and yet who remain the perfect strangers. A powerful take on the struggle between self loathing and worth, you can expect lyrics like, “they took something beautiful, and made it just ‘bout selling things” describing the events of Joanie’s life as “the holiest of sins.”  

John Lensing.

John Lensing.

The video, a project that Lensing describes as “always meant to be simple” became exactly this, and so much more. You find Joanie, despondent and worn, carrying out day-to-day life without notice and lost to the world. Elegantly shot by the ever talented Zoë Keeler, the focus is always on “Joanie,” with the same vacant but beautiful expression, with the world in full motion around her. There are different places with different people filling the background with their own lives and memories, and then there’s Joanie, with eyes as far away as possible.

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