J.D. King Just Wants Your Love In New Music Video

By: Hannah Oreskovich

LA’s J.D. King recently release his new video for “Love Me Back,” the single from his upcoming record 'Moon Gardens,' which was recorded entirely in J.D.’s home studio. The “Love Me Back” video, which was directed by his longtime collaborator Avery Wheless (HUSH) stars King, director and actress Kansas Bowling, and cameos from Parker Love Bowling, JuJu Sorelli, and Linda Ramone. It was filmed entirely at Ramone Ranch (yes, Johnny Ramone’s place) in Los Angeles, a place that you’ll want to party at with J.D. (or maybe more so with Kansas?) after watching the video. After a few views, we caught up with J.D. to talk about his most recent release:

Let’s start with a bit about your background. Where are you from and how has that environment shaped your music?

I’m from the city of Norco in Southern California. The environment for music there was interesting [growing up]: oldies radio, learning piano, Catholic hymns, gospel hymns, Gregorian chants, saxophone/flute classes, bluegrass, cowboys, and rock’n’roll. One of my earliest memories is trying to sing into recorders to have a reproduced sound. I made cassette tapes from the radio. I'd also make tapes from vinyl and CDs that I would borrow from the public library and transfer them. I had a genuine thirst to listen to a lot of music and gravitated mainly to pre-1973 stuff. My father found a nice collection of Beatles and Elvis vinyl albums on the beach one time, and I listened to those a lot. I would also watch Hard Days Night often. I found skateboarding videos to have some tasteful music to sample as well. Skateboarders are more often appreciators of non-mainstream music.   

I can definitely feel some of these styles coming together musically and visually for “Love Me Back.” What was the concept behind this video? 

[It’s] “The Fool” who needs love. You’re vulnerable when you love. You fixate, focus, and place your bets; you need the validation of another person to love you back. You are torn to shreds sometimes if they don’t. Make your own happiness and the rest will follow.

J.D. King.

J.D. King.

 Sound advice. What else are you working on?

Paintings, writing more songs, motion films, poems...

Sweet. Any other special plans for 2018?

More beautiful holograms with sound and visions. Probably some live shows.

Speaking of those, when you perform live, what type of environment are you trying to cultivate?

The “I’m gonna take all my clothes off!” vibe. I want the free people to come out, let loose, and listen.

You heard the man. Take off your clothes and give J.D.’s new video a view below:

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