Silverstein's 'When Broken Is Easily Fixed' 15-Year Anniversary Show Hits Denver This Weekend

By: Nathan Sheppard

One the original 2000s post-hardcore bands, Silverstein, are celebrating the 15-year anniversary of their debut album, When Broken Is Easily Fixed this year. Silverstein will be celebrating their Denver stop of the tour at The Oriental Theatre this Saturday, December 8th with fellow post-hardcore vets Hawthorne Heights, along with As Cities Burn and Capstan.   


When Broken Is Easily Fix (WBIEF) is an album that was integral to the rise of the post-hardcore/screamo movement into a more mainstream and popular genre of music. “Smashed To Pieces” was the hit single from the album which propelled Silverstein into the spotlight, and into the influential band that they are today. WBIEF is a combination of different aspects of emo, hardcore, and screamo of the early 2000s mixed into something that exceeded everyone's expectations at the time.

As a special gift for Silverstein fans, the guys will not only be playing WBIEF in full; they will also be playing another full set of their greatest hits. So make sure you get there early in order to celebrate a night of classic emo hits from back in the day, and to discover some new favorite songs along the way. Make sure you don’t miss out on this epic night by getting your tickets here.


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