Of Montreal Brought the Theatrics to Denver Gothic Theatre Set

By: Taylor Naiman

Last Thursday night, Of Montreal brought their eccentricity and psychedelic visuals to the Gothic Theatre. This was a change of pace from their routine stops at the Bluebird Theater in past years. It was a new venue for them and they owned it.

Of Montreal.

Of Montreal.

Of Montreal is synonymous with youth and creativity. This is a group who never fail to create an other-worldly experience and “embrace the weirdness” without hesitation. They are an indie pop band, yes, with their own twist and flair. With quirky song names and unique album titles, it is extremely hard not to enjoy them and dance along to all of their eccentricities. Their setlist at The Gothic included some favorites such as “A Sport and a Pastime,” “Let’s Relate,” “It’s Different for Girls,” “She’s a Rejecter,” and “Gronlandic Edit.”

The production of an Of Montreal show speaks for itself, and there is a high caliber at which it is executed. Attendees cannot help but smile, as they witness the costumes and the innovation comprised on the stage. In fact, this band plays a set that will leave you feeling genuinely happy. Whether it is the dancers donning silver capes and face masks, or the constantly changing visuals in the background, Of Montreal’s shows are theatrical and innovative. To some, it may seem like a strange concert, but this is what makes them unique. It is a stylish time, with sensory appeal and full of fantastic energy. It is all a fantasy; an imaginative experience with characters, such as aliens and robots. At times, you may even feel like you have entered an altered state of mind.

Kevin Barnes. Photo Credit: Will Elmore

Kevin Barnes. Photo Credit: Will Elmore

Whether it is the graphics, costumes, lyrics or musical composition, it took an extremely creative mind to come up with all of these ideas. A major source of all of this creativity comes from Of Montreal lead singer, Kevin Barnes. On stage, Barnes has crafted his own uniqueness, one that challenges norms and the status quo of what a frontman “should” wear. He exudes individuality and gender-bends every chance he gets. His costume changes included multiple colored wigs, dresses, skirts, nylons, and a bra. Fashioned in a blond wig and false lashes, he rocked the full-faced makeup and was unafraid to do so. Through his ability to embrace this openness, he is also encouraging many men to step out of their comfort zone, whether it means wearing a dress, a wig, or a skirt to an Of Montreal show. This cultivated community of being who you want to be was a serious treat to be a part of.

Overall, if I were to describe an Of Montreal show in three words, it would be avant-garde, elaborate, and wild. They are unlike any other artist or band in the music industry and continue to differentiate themselves. They are dramatic, energetic, and fascinating. From the moment, Barnes stepped on the stage, there was immediately a smile on every concert-goer’s face. They are highly recommended and a must-see concert. Make sure you follow their Spotify.

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