Good Charlotte's Albuquerque Stop Was One of Their Last on the 'Generation Rx' Tour, But Also One of Their Best

By: Ryan Schultz

Good Charlotte's Albuquerque stop on their Generation Rx tour was a performance that fans won’t soon forget. It started with The Dose, who opened the night with a great showcase of their musical ability. With only two members- vocalist/guitarist Indio Downey and drummer Ralph Alexander- I was surprised and amazed at the fullness of their sound. With Indio covering the vocals and guitar and Ralph handling the drums and basslines using synth add-ons to his kit, The Dose had a sound that I would describe as a heavier Nirvana. They’re a group I would choose to see live over and over again.

Knuckle Puck.

Knuckle Puck.

Knuckle Puck was up next. Hailing from Chicago, this group was full of energy, and put on an amazing show. They even wore Lobos jerseys onstage to show support for our local sports team, which fans admired.

Unfortunately, Sleeping With Sirens had to cancel this stop due to personal reasons. So after Knuckle Puck, it was time for Good Charlotte to take the stage, and their set was amazing in a few ways. First, the visual and audio production was superb, and honestly one of the best-looking shows I’ve been to recently. Secondly, vocalist Joel Madden made it a point to interact with the crowd, giving small speeches between a few songs to talk about the band’s story and the meaning of some of their songs. The packed venue sang along to every song the group played, and the overall experience was something I would recommend to anyone who has been a fan of this band.

The Generation Rx tour wraps up in North America this month, but picks up again in Europe starting on February 1st. You can check out those upcoming dates here.

And if you’re curious about Good Charlotte’s recent Denver stop, check out our coverage of that show at this link.


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