Review: The UK's Arliston Release Debut EP 'Hawser'

By: Norman Hittle

UK-based Arliston has just released their debut EP Hawser October 5th. The EP embodies the dirge-like marriage between folk and hip-hop made popular by bands such as X Ambassadors, with nods to greats like Radiohead and The XX.


The band consists of George Hasbury (keys/guitar/backing vocals), Jordi Bosch (drums/synth/backing vocals) and Jack Ratcliffe (guitar/lead vocals); a group of East Londoners who initially got together in the flickering halogens of the London underground under the name “Hawser” and through a period of eight months of trials and fallout with former bandmates, eventually came out the other side as Arliston.

Although it was meant to be their band’s name, Arliston admits Hawser is an unwittingly fitting title for the EP because of the band’s connection to its roots; the rope which moors them to the past, but also pulls them forward, out of failure and (hopefully) into some degree of success.

Keep up with Arliston from across the pond on their Facebook and check out their new tunes on their official website.


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