The 'Get Free Tour' Proves Why Post-Hardcore Is Still A Rockin' Scene

By: Nathan Sheppard

After coming off of a very busy 2017, releasing their eighth studio album, playing all of Warped Tour, and traveling across the world, Silverstein started 2018 right where they left off -with their Get Free Tour. Tonight Alive is co-headlining the tour; Broadside and Picturesque are also on the lineup. The show made its Denver stop at Summit Music Hall last Friday, and everyone packed it in early to start the weekend off jamming to some epic tunes.

Broadside was unable to make the show due to van troubles, but Colorado band Saints of Never After filled in with a solid opening spot. Picturesque followed up with their set, and have a sound which has hints of Circa Survive and Sleeping With Sirens baked in. They had most people intrigued by their unique mix of heavier guitar rhythms/breakdowns and high-pitched vocals, and even had fans asking lead singer Kyle Hollis how he gets his vocal range so high.

The room was buzzing with electricity ready to get crazy for Silverstein, who played second to last for the Denver show. One reason Silverstein remain one of the legends of the 2000 post-hardcore scene is because they put on one of the best live shows around. All of their members put in everything they have for each and every show, and this one was no different. They started their set off with a few songs from their past three albums to get the party started. Frontman Shane Told then talked about the importance of sticking to their roots and playing older songs, following this speech with their first big hit “Smashed to Pieces” which brought the house down. Continuing the old school theme, they also played “Smile In Your Sleep” and “My Heroine” which caused a massive wave of crowd surfers. Mixing things up with a couple of slow songs after that so that everyone could catch their breath, Silverstein closed with “Afterglow,” topping off a fantastic set.

Tonight Alive was the closing act for the night, and while a good amount of people left early, they missed out on an incredible performance by Jenna McDougall and Co. One thing that stands out is Jenna’s ability to make everyone feel like they are included in the band’s set- she can take a large crowd and make the show feel small and intimate. Playing a mixture of songs from their newest album Underworld, along with older favorites, Tonight Alive finished to roars with “Lonely Girl.” Overall, the night really showed why these bands have such loyal followings, and why post-hardcore remains a popular genre. 

The Get Free Tour continues on through February, and you can check out the remaining dates and Silverstein’s newest album Dead Reflection here, along with Tonight Alive’s new Album Underworld here.   


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.