Premiere: Denver Meatpacking Company Release Chaotic New Video For "Warning Shot"

Last fall, Denver Meatpacking Company released their second record Escape, “a throwback to the early 90s rock scene, with a unique blend of indie and a little grunge, creating an old school sound with hints of The Pixies and The Presidents of the United States of America.

The Denver rock three-piece have been busy since then, releasing videos for several of the songs on the album and playing area shows. Today, we’re premiering the band’s newest music video for their song “Warning Shot,” the third track on Escape.

The video opens with what looks like the aftermath of a night partying on the beach. There’s a pause as the waves crash, and then the video moves on to city-scapes and shots of the nighttime sky. Interspersed with these is a DMC live performance and actors getting pummeled with water, pillows, and even a hand slap for the song’s chorus. The video closes with a rewind scene on a mushroom cloud. Much of the video was actually filmed and created by the band.



Said member David Simutis about the video, “The inspiration [for the video] was very much related to the meaning behind the song. While the song isn't really overtly political, it's hard to avoid the climate we find ourselves in. So you have this sense of nature and calm being interrupted by chaos and people everywhere, and sometimes something just wakes you up from the day-to-day drudgery- it's like a slap in the face. And the live footage is just so people know we're actual real people playing in basements and garages and not robots. Or something like that…”

Denver Meatpacking Company’s next show is this Friday, 01/26 at 3 Kings Tavern with Vic N' The Narwhals and Waiting ‘Til Three. After you check out their new video, make sure to catch the band live and keep up with them on Facebook.

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