MOXIE Luxe Aims To Blur The Line Of Performer And Observer With Immersive Denver Parties

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Immersive parties are all the rage in other major entertainment markets, but the experience has only recently hit Denver thanks to the brand and event company MOXIE Luxe.

What does an immersive party by MOXIE Luxe look like?

We’re glad you asked:

After buying your tickets, which range from $75-$155 depending on the level of VIP service and bottle poppin’ you plan to do, you receive a mysterious email. Though it’s not announced where the party will take place yet, you will get a notification the day before the show from a MOXIE Luxe concierge telling you where to go. The location could be a warehouse, a nightclub, or even a water tower. Regardless, you’re instructed to dress to the nines.

You don't have to go to this level, but the performers will.

You don't have to go to this level, but the performers will.

It’s the day of the party now and you’ve Ubered your way to the red carpet where you check in. It’s there you’re greeted by models in elaborate costumes and a photo booth staged to look like a magazine cover with props and attractive people to pose with. You’re given a light that resembles a paper lantern on a stick and you’ll need it- the house lights have been dimmed and there are no table lights in the venue, keeping the element of secrecy alive.


As you make your way to the main floor of the party, your lantern shines upon muscular male acrobats hanging in hoops from the ceiling, women in lingerie cascading around the dance floor on stilts, and various masked people feeding patrons cotton candy by hand.

Before you know it, a masked woman slithers up to you and hands you a card.

“Find the painter!” it beckons. And so you must.


As you move about the venue, it’s now your job to ask various performers that you come across if they happen to be this painting character you’re questing for. Some will point to another masked individual and some will shake their heads. Eventually, you do find the painter, a man in a Phantom of the Opera mask who requests you actually paint with him on a sketch of a castle.

You can’t paint. But you throw some brush strokes down for fun (that Bob Ross Netflix binge was sooo worth it) and soon you’re approached by another character. This one wants to dance.


As you’re twirled to the dance floor by the shirtless, masked man, you try to ask questions but he doesn’t speak. Is he part of the show? Are you supposed to quest somewhere else now? You no longer have your lantern in hand, but the dance floor is illuminated by the blue glow of the DJ booth. You move to the beat. 

Just go with it.

After a few songs, you're passed off to a slinking woman in an animal mask who carefully places some rhinestone appliques on your face and blows you a kiss.


Backing up into the VIP area, you’re surrounded by models dressed in interactive clothing, like a dress made of cups that patrons can drink from. Beyond her, there is someone painting faces while body contortionists move into strange shapes and observers sip champagne. High above, aerialists dangle and coo. 


This is really just the start of your night, as MOXIE Luxe events hold a number of surprises for guests every hour. Their entire focus is to blur the boundary between performer and observer, and of course, to show you a great time.

Says creator and founder Kara Dupree, “MOXIE Luxe was created to offer experiences where people can let go of the familiar and the ho-hum. Whether they want to be fully involved or just sit back and take it all in, this is an entirely new way to experience an event.”  

If this sounds like your kind of Saturday night jam, you’re in luck! MOXIE Luxe’s next immersive party is this weekend, January 20th, and the theme is The Dark Fairytale: An Akureyri Icelandic Experience. There are still a few tickets left, which you can snatch here.


Still want a clearer picture as to what you might experience at one of MOXIE’s immersive events? Check out their recently released promo video for a taste below:

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