Dallas Thornton Creates Intimate Storytelling Environment With Live Performance

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Just a year ago, Boulder’s Dallas Thornton was fresh off a Berklee graduation and roaming Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, and Lebanon filming his documentary series “My Key To Happy.” But this year, it’s likely you’ve caught Thornton exploring one of his other projects: music. Since his move back home, Thornton has been playing across the Front Range on his debut record In Case It Rains. Recently, I caught his live show at Denver’s Globe Hall, where Boulder artists Julian Peterson and Hunter Stone shared the bill, and here’s what I discovered about Dallas:

Dallas Thornton.

Dallas Thornton.

Thornton likes dabbling in several creative mediums- music, performance, production, and of course, documentary filmmaking. At his live shows, you’ll get a piece of all of of these, whether it’s the stories he tells of his time abroad, many of which he admits have inspired his songwriting, or his self-deprecating jokes between tracks. There will be the funny parts, the sad bits, and some good ‘ol indie rock music laid right in between. Thornton will ask you as the audience, on more than one occasion, to move in “just three steps closer so I can see your eyes.” Later, he’ll ask everyone to hug their neighbor. It’s moments like these that Thornton really splays his entire artistry across the palettes of his audience live- in sound, in dance, and in an almost theatrical stage presence that may leave you questioning whether or not his performances are always so engaging (according to several fans at the Globe show, I was told that they are.) Thornton clearly uses his strength for storytelling not just in his music and anecdotes, but in the way he creates an intimate environment for fans in any space to connect to his performance.


Thornton played several tunes from his debut record at Globe Hall’s show- “If You’re Lonely,” “Beauty By Firelight,” and “Diamonds and Gold” were a few crowd favorites. He also played a slew of new songs, including his upcoming single “Let Somebody Love You,” which he’s currently recording in studio. Thornton was joined onstage for his set with Forrest Raup on drums (Eldren, BANDITS) and Halle Tomlinson on bass (2016 contestant on The Voice).


Thornton has more Colorado shows on the books- make sure to catch him live and stay tuned for his next record by keeping up with him on his website.


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