Premiere: Treehouse Sanctum's Music Video For "Shebiy," A Jazzy, Instrumental Duet

Earlier this year, we premiered Treehouse Sanctum’s music video for “Chacala,” a single from their 2017 release Vivere. Today, we bring you another video by the band for “Shebiy.” The track is also from Vivere but unlike “Chacala,” it’s purely instrumental. “Shebiy” is jazzy and vacillates between TS members Andrew Horwath on keys and Dewayne Rymer on trumpet.

Horwath, who wrote the song, was inspired to create this track when he was studying the Babylonian Exile of the Jewish people, found in the Book of Daniel, from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Said the band, “The frustrating lack of resolution that is achieved in the 7/8 timing, prevalent in the song, adheres to this premise of a captive being seeking escape.”

Watch "Shebiy": 

Frontman Sam Rymer also shared with us, “I’ve been playing music with Andrew for five years now- our humble drummer never played piano in front of me, other than doodling on it in passing. One winter day last year, just before we were scheduled to start recording Vivere at The Keep Recording Studio in Denver, Andrew sat down while we were taking a break during rehearsal. And then he took off. Dewayne Rymer, our trumpet player, improvised around the chording and we all felt like we were listening to an old conflicted jazz recording for a moment. I asked them both to try that again when we hit the studio and the result is what you hear on the album’s final track, ‘Shebiy.’”  

Treehouse Sanctum. 

Treehouse Sanctum. 

The video for “Shebiy” was filmed at Regis University with Ben Fout of It’s Treehouse Sanctum’s third video release of the year, following “Chacala” and “Play It Cool.”

This Sunday, September 10th, Treehouse Sanctum will take the stage at Denver’s newest outdoor venue, Levitt Pavilion. They’ll share the stage with Nashville’s Humming House and the show is FREE to the public! Make sure to catch them to hear “Shebiy” live, and give their video for the track a view for yourself above.

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