joemurray. Releases Debut Indie Single From Upcoming Record 'Free'

By: Norman Hittle

From his upcoming record Finally, Joe Murray (stylized as joemurray.) has recently released his first single “Free” - a jazz influenced indie rock track about relational freedom.

Listen to “Free”:

With fluttering, fluted synths leading the charge, the song combines the elements of electric guitar, drum machines, and a sax lead with some heavily affected and lo-fi vocals. The sonic combination gives a sort of ominous alt/pop vibe.



Based in Denver, CO, joemurray. is a multi-instrumentalist who has been creating music in his bedroom for years. With the upcoming release of his new music, he is making his first exciting steps into the Colorado music scene.

joemurray. told BolderBeat, “My debut EP Finally is an exploration of self-centeredness. There’s been many songs and topics I’ve written about over the years, and I wanted this album to be a reflection of that. These are things I’ve been feeling for a long time, and have finally found a sound I’m happy with. Finally, while focusing on that self-centeredness, will touch on love, addiction, power, and nostalgia. I’ve been working really hard to create something that I’m proud of, and I hope that comes through in the music.”

The full release of Finally is slotted for November 3rd, so keep an eye out for it on Spotify and Facebook.


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