DJ Zenas' New Single "Real Thing" Explores Today's Love Standards With Social Media

We first heard of Denver’s DJ Zenas on Mawule’s 2016 record Chosen. We later caught him live, and this year he is featured on Mawule’s track “Anything,” the video for which premiered on BolderBeat and will be featured in a number of national film festivals this fall.

DJ Zenas.

DJ Zenas.

Though DJ Zenas is well known for his verse collaborations and production work with other artists, he also creates music all his own. Today, he released his single “Real Thing.” The song also boasts vocals by local talent Kayla Rae. It’s a catchy, poppy, upbeat hip-hop track about the dichotomy that arguably plagues millennials: relationships on social media versus IRL.

Said DJ Zenas about this track, “I have been working on a lot of new music recently, preparing for an EP which I plan to release in spring of 2018. ‘Real Thing’ is the first single off of the EP. The inspiration for the record comes from the standard for love, or lack thereof, that we as a society embrace today. I am very old-fashioned, especially in regards to love, so I am completely out of tune with the norm. I wanted this record to embrace a notion of hope, that even today where vulnerability and feeling are borderline taboo, and love is nearly impossible to find, we somehow stumble upon it. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for much more to come!”

Make sure to give “Real Thing” a listen for yourself above and keep up with DJ Zenas here.

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