Review: Denver Meatpacking Company Bring Retro 90s Sounds To The Modern Age With New Record 'Escape'

By: Nathan Sheppard

Denver Meatpacking Company, a Denver based three piece rock band, will be releasing their second album Escape this Friday, September 29th. The album is a throwback to the early 90s rock scene, with a unique blend of indie and a little grunge, creating an old school sound with hints of The Pixies and The Presidents of the United States of America. Denver Meatpacking Company has a raw energy to their music that you don’t see often today. Jack Endino, who helped produce some of the early albums from Nirvana and Soundgarden, was a perfect fit to collaborate with for Escape. Together with Endino, the band have created a 12-song album which combines fast paced rock songs with quiet verses and loud choruses with slower songs, creating a good dynamic contrast and an edginess to the sound of the record that isn’t overbearing.

Denver Meatpacking Company.

Denver Meatpacking Company.

For this album, the band, which consists of Jerome Bellian (drums/vocals), Alfred Mueller (bass/vocals), and David Simutis (guitar/lead vocals) took some basic gear and isolated themselves in the mountains of Colorado to get lost in the creative process.

“I cooked tacos for breakfast while we plotted out the day and ran through what we’d done the night before,” said Alfred, “There was no pressure, no rushing, just playing and getting the songs down. Sometimes you have to escape from it all to get it all together.”


Being able to focus solely on producing new songs, Denver Meatpacking Company was able to come up with the lyrics and riffs which let them build each track on Escape. This stripped down approach resulted in a solid album that combines the different sounds of 90s rock- including guitar with heavy distortion, smooth bass lines, and energetic drum fills- to create a fun blast to the past that still reeks enough original to keep the listener engaged.

If you’re looking to jam out to the Denver Meatpacking Company’s new record live, the trio have a show coming up this Sunday, October 1st at Bruz Beers. Keep up with Denver Meatpacking Company here.


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