Review: When The BANDITS Give You 7" (But You Want All 12)

By: Riley Ann

The new 7” EP from the BANDITS showcases the band’s prowess bridging the heaviness of rock with the intricacies of metal guitar riffs, balancing relentless forward-driven rhythms with syncopated lifts. Yeah, it’s good. And it’s going to leave you wanting more.



The A-side features John Demitro on vocals for “Enough.” While the verses hammer down an almost static melody over a trance-like guitar & bass duet, the choruses open up vocally and instrumentally, and the bridge gives a taste of John’s iconic guitar soloing, reigned in from his wild solos in live settings. The stops after the choruses and the bridge let the song bottom out just long enough to give it shape. The arrangement of “Enough” balances perfectly, driving it forward and letting the song breathe.

Tear You Down” on the B-side features Lulu Demitro on vocals, and she drives the song on the back end of the beat with bass. Less ornate, more percussive, and more weight on each beat give this an ominous backdrop for the chorus to climb above the wreckage as Lulu’s voice sings, “I’ll tear you down, down until you’re nothing...” The transitions in and out of the half-time feel give the song more density, and the bridge turns into a haunting duet over sparse instrumentation, only to build back into the chorus. While her previous single “Kill Tonight” compels you to dance, “Tear You Down” will have you headbanging for days.

John Demitro offered his take on the new singles, saying, “I think these two songs are some of our strongest material to date. We’ve had these songs in our repertoire for awhile and I think they are a mile marker in the direction of where our sound was going. I think we have finally found the sound of BANDITS, and “Enough” and “Tear You Down” are a perfect preview to what is coming soon.”

The arrangements are tight, the studio production is solid, and their live shows leave even non-smokers reaching for a cigarette. The band plans to record a full-length album in August, so keep up with them on their website and social media. Your next chance to catch them locally is on this Sunday, July 30th for the UMS at the Skylark Lounge (tickets here) and then Monday, July 31st at Globe Hall in Denver with Slothrust and Gleemer (tickets here). In the meantime, you can get your hands on their music on their merch page, and snag digital copies on Bandcamp.


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