Review: Montreal's Viral YouTube Cover Duo Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson Release First Original Single

By: Trevor Ryan

YouTube is known for many, many things. Comedy channels, news broadcasting, and of course, rather controversially, music. One of the more popular types of artists with a large viewership on the ‘tube is the cover artist. This has been a longstanding trend for the YouTube community, and among these cover artists are Montreal’s Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson.

Nicole Gibson & Chris Kelly. 

Nicole Gibson & Chris Kelly. 

After both being in separate alternative rock bands, Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson joined up about a year ago to create ambient, alternative sounds. Starting out with a video cover of Linkin Park’s “Battle Symphony,” the pair gained an audience quickly when the video reached 28k views. With covers ranging from Sum 41 to The Chainsmokers, the duo have recently landed on their new original single “Ghost of You.”

This track has a really great blend of rock and ambition. Adapting many of the newer elements that popular rock uses today, like spikes in synth use and overall electronic influences, can sometimes, as we all know, get tricky. But “Ghost of You” showcases some of these sounds well. The track starts out very mellow, and builds with smooth vocals and synth. Reminiscent of Taylor Swift's ballad “Style,” Ghost of You has hard hitting bass lines, and that steady kick/synth combination that really fuels the chorus. The duo scene is coming back, and these two are doing a pretty great job of making their way to the front lines of Montreal’s pop rock scene with this release. They're currently working on their second single, "Battleborn," which will drop later this month.

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