Premiere: Retrofette's New Music Video For "Skeletons" Will Make You Shake Your Bones

By: Hannah Oreskovich 

Denver’s synth-pop new wave four-piece Retrofette formed just a year ago, but in that time, they’ve managed to build quite a following after the release of their debut EP I Don’t Mind. In 2016, the band, comprised of Sean Culliton, Xavier Provencher, Ben Weirich, Dylan Johnson, played two sold-out shows at Denver’s Hi-Dive, opened for acts like Magic Sword and Mark Mallman, and jumped back into the studio to record more music. Today, they dropped their first music video for the tune “Skeletons.” Watch the premiere below:

The track “Skeletons” is actually on the band’s debut EP. It was mixed and mastered at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins. Chris Beeble helped the band record vocals and mix the tune, while the rest of the song was recorded and produced by Sean Culliton and Xavier Provencher. Sean also takes writing credit on the track. And Hidden Woods Media braved the cold to film the video.

Xavier & Sean. 

Xavier & Sean. 

Said the band about the "Skeletons" video, “For the shoot of this music video, we watch our heroic dancing skeleton survive below-freezing weather and a few awkward encounters with the police of North Denver. His struggles were the real life illustration of what the song ‘Skeletons,’ and in a greater scope the whole concept of Retrofette, is all about. We make music because we want to see people dance in spite of their everyday problems. Maybe you're a skeleton that doesn't feel love. Maybe you're a skeleton that doesn't feel wanted. Maybe you're a skeleton who doesn't feel its face because you're wearing a latex suit in the middle of a blizzard. Whatever the problem, Retrofette plays music for people who want to escape for a minute and get sweaty on the dance floor.”

And just why does Retrofette think getting your own bones up to dance is so important?

Said Xavier, “I think dancing is the most basic and maybe primal form of human celebration. I love being able as a musician to give that to an audience. I love watching people be able to drop whatever their day has done to them and celebrate together. It’s also maybe a bit self-fulfilling. Lyrically, I feel I can get a little dark and down on the world. Setting those ideas to dance beats and watching people get down while you expound your sorrows onstage is the weirdest and most satisfying sort of therapy. I like the idea of people celebrating both happiness and sorrow.”

Retrofette’s “Skeleton” video release show is tonight, June 9th at Denver’s Fort Greene Bar with DJ Erin Stereo, and promises to be an intimate viewing experience.

Added Xavier, “We're so excited about this video release because it’s a brand new platform for us to share what we do with the world. We genuinely think that synth pop is a genre that the Coloradan people are missing out on, and can't wait to show everyone why they should be listening to it!”

So make sure to get yourself over to Denver’s Fort Greene Bar tonight and dance! Retrofette play Boulder’s Lazy Dog June 15th, followed by Denver’s Westword Music Showcase and The Underground Music Showcase. They’re also heading back into the studio to record some new music soon, and we’re stoked to see what those sessions bring.

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