Premiere: Wolf Van Elfmand's New Music Video "Rose"

By: Hannah Oreskovich 

In April, we premiered Wolf van Elfmand ’s music video for “The New Folk” from his upcoming record, Real Wolf. The EP, which was co-produced with Dango Rose of Elephant Revival, drops this Saturday, June 10th with a release party at Denver’s Fort Greene Bar. Today, we bring you yet another Wolf video premiere, this time for his more solemn tune, “Rose.”   

“Rose” was filmed in Old Town Fort Collins by Ghostrunner Films, and was directed by Jesse Nyander. Elfmand’s cascading vocals and soft guitar build the basis for this emotional tune. Dango Rose is featured on bass on the track, with Enion Pelta Tiller (Taarka) on violin.

Said Wolf about the video, “I wrote ‘Rose’ in that feeling when you try to convince yourself you're able to move on, leaving behind something comfortable yet corrosive for greener pastures."  

Make sure to watch Wolf’s newest video and get details on his release party for Real Wolf here.


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