Get Involved: Mountain Music Collective Founder Maggie Melvin Talks Shop

By: Jura Daubenspeck  

“I live for the moments when I'm surrounded by people collaborating and what everyone is creating sounds good... really good.” -Maggie Melvin

Colorado’s local music and arts scene just keeps getting cooler and cooler, folks. It continues to stand out as a community that is enthusiastic and collaborative as ever. What’s so incredible about it is not just the artists creating music in the scene, but also the people helping build the community to help those artists get their creativity out there. One of those people is Maggie Melvin, founder of Mountain Music Collective.

A Chicago native, but a Colorado inhabitant for the last six years, Maggie launched the company Mountain Music Collective in January 2017 and has big plans for it. It’s a music management, production, and event curation company that strives to showcase and blend talent from a variety of genres. I met Maggie a few weeks ago, and felt so inspired by her vision that I knew I had to help get the word out about the amazing work she’s doing. Here’s a bit of what she and I talked about.

Maggie currently runs MMC by herself, but is also involved in a number of personal project with other like-minded souls from the local scene: “Last summer, I found myself sitting outside, surrounded by a variety of friends talented in photography, music, production, etc. They all work so hard- I wondered what it would be like if I started a company that brought all these people together and organized their collaboration.” Thus, Mountain Music Collective was born.

On Saturday, May 27th, the first-ever Mountain Music Collective presents Community Collaborations, Volume 1 was held at Carbon Cafe & Bar. “We brought in DJs, two guitarists, a saxophone player, and created some raw infusion of sound. It sounded so good, some of it is still playing in my head over a week later. It’s really cool because the guys are still collaborating on what else to create, and the DJs and musicians didn’t know each other before I introduced everybody.”

I can personally attest to how awesome the Community Collaborations, Vol. 1 event was- the blend of funk, electronic, hip-hop, and rap kept the vibes strong and the bar bumping.

Jeremy Smith & Brian Duggan at Carbon Cafe & Bar.

Jeremy Smith & Brian Duggan at Carbon Cafe & Bar.

Aside from running Mountain Music Collective, Maggie also manages progressive funk rock band Tula. The band has been an integral part of the MMC vision, including showcasing their dynamic sound in the first Community Collaborations event.



“Brian Duggan from Tula has been amazing. Not only has working with and managing their band been a great learning experience, but Brian is seasoned in the industry and has provided me a lot of guidance in the various decisions I’ve had to make so I’m not learning everything from my own mistakes.” Other shout-outs for the development of MMC go to Tula’s sax man Jeremy Smith, DJs Alex Hug, Frank Asaurus, and Mark Igl.

Tula. Jeff Warnock

Tula. Jeff Warnock

Mountain Music Collective’s vision is simple: “Build a flourishing company that brings people together, creates new sound, and brings in a new slice of expectation in the Denver music scene.” With a “limitations undefined” mindset, MMC wants to give voice to hard-working artists of all styles and work to build hype and create more diversity.

“I enjoy the enthusiasm of the Denver music scene. It isn’t the most diverse, but everyone in it is hyped on their own sound or the sound of the city. So many people have something to offer may it be their vocals, instrumental talents, light show skills, production vision, etc. The community that I get to be apart of inspires me most about creating my own company. I want to help everyone I meet.”

So there you have it. Whether you’re a musician, producer, curator, or a curious creative collaboration-seeker, drop Maggie at Mountain Music Collective a line at and get creating!

Be sure to follow Mountain Music Collective on Facebook, and stay tuned for the next Community Collaborations event in July (as well as other exciting community projects).


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