Review: Surrender Signal's 'Landgrab' Is Raw Art Rock

By: Norman Hittle

Denver based Surrender Signal just released their debut album Landgrab this year. It’s a nine-song effort in a 90's quarterstick/dischord style not unsimilar to acts such as Fugazi and Slint.

Listen to Surrender Signal's Landgrab:

Formed in 2015, the band consists of Brian Lenherr (guitar/vocals), Andrew Chitwood (drums), and Chase Middaugh (guitar). Though at times their music seems overly simplistic, many songs have a wide array of raw sound- sometimes atonal and loud, sometimes, soft and quiet- and frequently with strange timing. Aside from the aforementioned acts, there are hints if not great swaths across tracks of a post-punk and art-rock sound in the vein of 90’s TOOL circa Opiate as well as Bauhaus circa Crackle.

In a way, Landgrab is a fun blast from the past in an era of modern recording. Not only is the sound raw and seemingly alive, but it’s not overly produced or polished to a point where you wouldn’t recognize the band if they were playing it live. With the tendency of today’s music to go way too far into post-production, Surrender Signal seems to know when to let technology rest and allow their sound to be heard in unadulterated forms.

The best track in my opinion is “Premiere,” with it’s slightly off-kilter form and poetic style of lyrical content reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan’s first band: Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty.

Surrender Signal.

Surrender Signal.

Check out Surrender Signal live this Friday, July 14th at 3 Kings Tavern! Event info here.


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