The Velveteers Release New Psychedelic Music Video "This Love Lasted"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder’s favorite rock’n’roll duo The Velveteers released their newest music video today for their track, “This Love Lasted.” The video, which was filmed in Boulder, transports the viewer into a psychedelic world that follows members Demi and John Demitro through lush garden landscapes and a cemetery, all in kaleidoscopic hues of red and blue. The video has a classic Super-8 film vibe, and also features cupid animations between shots of Demi and John spinning around and moving in reverse through what feels like a trippy dream. Some sort of grim reaper-esque character even appears at one point behind Demi, stirring themes of youth and death the inevitable in this new track.

“This Love Lasted” has a psych rock sound we haven’t yet heard recorded from The Velveteers, who have previously released more heavy rock tunes like “Death Hex.” Their new song features the beautifully haunting vocals that Demi Demitro is known for backed by fuzzy guitars and unsettling chimes. It’s psych done well, and has a fresh appeal that has us curious what else this explosive two-piece have been recording in the studio. Make sure to check out The Velveteers’ new video above and catch them at The Fox this Thursday, and at The UMS later this summer.


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