Things We Found at Black Lips' Denver Show: Nudity, Silly String, & Mosh Pits

By: Sierra Voss

Black Lips filled the Gothic Theatre with some rowdy ass behavior last Friday night. The wildness started as soon as the doors opened and Dirty Few took the stage. This local band is a well-seasoned Denver favorite, often frequenting the Hi-Dive’s stage. As audience members filled the venue, Dirty Few set the vibe, ripping guitar solos, slapping on tambourines, and head-banging around stage. They wrapped their set with a bold stage dive into a not-so-crowded pit, making the impossible, possible. 

The second opener, Timmy’s Organism took the stage next. This band hails from Detroit City and embodies a rock and roll sound that feels like it is whacking you over the head with a jagged rusty edge. They are the band you want to party with, but fear you might die while trying to keep up. Song by song, frontman Tim Lampinen introduced new stage props, like a bouquet of flowers he used to play his guitar with, silly string he pretended to shoot out of his nose, green paint he splattered all over his face, and finally a large paper-mâché head mask of a one-eyed baby monster thing that he proceeded to rip the hair out of.  

By the time Black Lips took the stage, the room was packed and buzzing with eagerness for them to begin their set. Black Lips formed in 1999 in Dunwoody, Georgia. Since then they have released nine albums, their most recent being Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?, which was produced by Sean Lennon. Black Lips’ shows certainly have a high level of rowdy expectation from fans, as their record promises at least one random and crazy stunt to go down. As soon as they took the stage, literally almost the entire audience formed into one massive mosh pit. Quite frankly, it was challenging to keep track of each of the five band members unique stage antics throughout the rest of their show. The stand-out moment of last Friday night’s performance, however, was when Cole Alexander (guitar/vocals) dropped down and stuck his dick in the horn players saxophone. Yep.

So here’s the thing. Even if you don’t like their music (thought you'll be hard-pressed not to), I suggest at some point you take the time to see the debauchery that is a Black Lips show. Check out a one of there tunes, “Bad Kids” here!    


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