Iolite Talks About The Headspace Behind Writing Her New Single "Ring of Fire"

By: Sierra Voss

Iolite is about to heat up your summer with her new single “Ring of Fire.” This local pop artist is quite the little fireball, gripping on tight to her fierce start in Denver’s music scene. We have been keeping up with her as she releases single after single, and crushes opening sets at spots like Denver’s The Marquis Theatre and Gothic Theatre.   

Listen to Iolite's new single "Ring of Fire":

With the release of her newest single, we decided it was time to chat with Iolite again. Check it:

Can you tell us a little about what your new single “Ring of Fire” means to you? Is the song about a certain event in your life?

The writing headspace for “Ring of Fire” was unlike anything I've written. Half of the song was written about one situation I was personally in, and the other half was written as an outsider of a relationship between two other people I experienced. The song talks about having someone in my life that I know shouldn't have been in it. I knew this person wasn't going to stay in my life, but there was something charming about that. The other half of the song was inspired by the other relationship- they kept fighting but never got to the point of fully giving up on each other. At the end of both scenarios, the relationships were toxic. They were "dangerously charming."

Is this a newly written song? Or was this a song you had written a while back?

I wrote this song four months ago and it went through many versions before the final mix. The lyrics were written in a few hours, but I wanted to make sure the production was just right before releasing. My team behind the production was so incredible, and really helped me convey what I wanted people to feel when listening to this song.



Did you collaborate with anyone on the track?

I knew exactly what I wanted to write about when I walked into this session with my good friend Chase Martinez and the song just came out really naturally. We then brought in Mason Maxwell, and Yan and Ruslan Odnoralov and they really helped put the extra sparkle on it.

Can we expect to hear more new tracks from you this summer?

Yes. So much new music is coming. I've been writing and learning so much these last few months. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because there is so much content I want to put out! I'm really stoked and proud of the songs that are lining up. I never want to stop growing; it's thrilling.

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