Premiere: This Broken Beat's "Sleep" Showcases Denver Eerie Electropop

By: Norman Hittle

Denver based indie-pop duo This Broken Beat are all about exposing the fine line between living safe and taking risks. The band has said all of us in life “will inevitably get caught up in ideas of irrelevance years down the road, and make mistakes out of in-the-moment emotions, but it's all to illuminate the beauty of choice and free will.” Little more exemplifies their creed than their latest video for their single “Sleep”:

The video was filmed and edited by Justin Urban of UrbanImpression, and the song was recorded with Tyler Glasgow and Jack Roberts of Streetlight Audio.

Regarding the video, This Broken Beat told BolderBeat: “We really fell in love with the eerie, dark aspect of the song, so we wanted the video to also paint that picture. A good portion of our music is major and upbeat, so it was cool to dive into something different. We were hoping for a foggy day for many of the nature shots and fortunately we got one right when we needed it. There are subtle stories throughout the video alluding to the big picture story, which the last scene gives away, so watching it in full-length is crucial if you're wanting to understand the production as a whole. Some days, staying in your bed with your dreams sounds much easier than going out to face life's challenges, and we wanted to capture that emotion."

This Broken Beat.

This Broken Beat.

The duo, which consists of Julio on guitars/vocals and Annie on drums, have been playing together since 2013. “Sleep” is their third release after 2016’s Sweat & Blood single and their 2016 self-titled EP. With a sound that’s reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and perhaps Maroon 5 circa Songs About Jane (with some added electropop flair), This Broken Beat bring a beautiful and full-depth soundscape to the Denver scene with “Sleep.” The song is very well-produced and tight, and you can tell these guys went to great lengths to write and record a quality project.

Make sure to check out “Sleep” for yourself above, and keep up with This Broken Beat’s upcoming shows here.


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