Slip Into The Ether This Monday With Leif Vollebekk at Lost Lake Denver

By: Sierra Voss

Montreal singer/songwriter Leif Vollebekk will take the stage at Lost Lake next Monday, May 8th. If you are looking for a truly beautiful night of serenades, Leif is your guy. Vollebekk recently released his album, Twin Solitude, via Secret City Records. The album was recorded live on tape, a perfect vector to embrace Vollebekk’s silky vocals. The album was released this past February, four years after his first album, North Americana.



Leif Vollebekk has become known for his poetic interpretations of his life, transporting audience members to relatable memories and stories of “being” in this world:

“Heart's on fire; so is the page. Everybody round here is telling me to act my age, I'm tryin'. Things are only revealed in the light that is given. Oh to be freed from the pardon when all else is forgiven. Rain outside is blowing in the curtains. Nothing is revealed but nothing is for certain. As I recall you was drinking from the sanctuary wine… Well don't worry baby we'll find all of our lost time.”

Transitioning into the busyness of the work week can be rough. Maybe you need to slow down next Monday and get some sweet, warm, nourishing tunes from Leif Vollebekk? Get your tickets here! Mitchel Evan & Clayton Wyatt are opening! Need more convincing? Take a listen to “Into The Ether,” off his newest album below!


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