Review: Girl Group Riverside Drive Release New Album 'Serious Business'

By: Jura Daubenspeck

On May 21st, Denver’s newest “retro pop” divas Riverside Drive released their sweet, sassy, and soulful album Serious Business - I’m already hooked.

The musical brainchild of singer/songwriter Rachael Pollard, Riverside Drive has a retro-soul feel that soothes and uplifts simultaneously. Pollard’s heartfelt leading vocals team up with Tia Cope and Mary McGroary’s accompanying vocals to create a beautifully layered sound. On top of that, drummer Nathan Marcy provides just the right amount of steadying beats to match the singers’ unwavering energy.

The album artwork for  Serious Business .

The album artwork for Serious Business.

Serious Business is an eight-track album that delivers just the right amount of folk-ish, pop-ish vibes. It has a nostalgic quality, reminiscent of a warm and sunny day. Stories of love, jealousy, and even a missing childhood pet (“Oh, Tiffy”) are told in a grainy, sepia tone. Just like the closing credits of a film (think driving off into the sunset and never looking back) the album feels hopeful and empowering.

Listen to Riverside Drive's Serious Business:

It’s hard to pick a favorite on this record, as each song induces different feelings. Songs such as “Look But Don’t Touch,” “I Don’t Mess Around,” and “Tiger Stripes” have a stirring, assertive energy. Other tracks such as “Guessing Game” and “Push Me Away” are commanding, haunting, and powerful. There’s even a bonus track (for those who purchase the album)- Pollard’s killer song “Make U Proud” (off of her upcoming album Take Heart) serves as the gentler conclusion to the well-rounded collection.

Rachael Pollard. 

Rachael Pollard. 

Listeners who enjoy artists such as Benjamin Booker or Leon Bridges will love Riverside Drive, as they bring a refreshing twist to soulful, old-timey songs. Their unapologetically strong female presence is invigorating and inspiring for any other women who have stories to tell.

Be on the lookout for Riverside Drive, as they’re sure to raise some hell in the Colorado music scene. Connect with them on Facebook, and check out their Bandcamp page to listen to their sweet tunes.


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