Review: IMJLS Releases Concept Record 'The Blunt Diaries'

By: Norman Hittle

The Blunt Diaries is a clever hip-hop collaboration by Boulder's IMJLS and featuring sound engineer/DJ and producer Katmandoom. The record is a thematic concept effort with songs all named after Swisher Sweets wrapper flavors, and centering around getting high.

Independent artist and founder of "The Creative Collective," artist IMJLS (pronounced "I’m Jealous") first broke into the Colorado music scene in early 2016 with his melodic blend of East Coast influenced rap, soul, and R&B.



Longtime producer and DJ Katmandoom, or “Katty D,” came across fellow aspiring artist IMJLS after working radio in Colorado Springs. After discovering they musically meshed well, the two soon released over twenty tracks together. With two EPs and some singles, The Blunt Diaries was created.

Regarding the collective project, IMJLS says it began when “an immense amount of blunt smoke filled the air [and the] mention of scrap-booking our previously smoked blunts sparked a thought of an innovative concept. 'The Blunt Diaries' embodies all your favorite flavor[ed] wRAPS into everyday emotions felt day in and day out.”

Kick back with with this eclectic and highly conceptual project, and keep up with IMJLS on his Facebook and catch him at his Hodi's Half Note show this weekend.


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