Review: Andy Palmer's 'The Switch' Explores History of American Racism While Remaining Hopeful

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Not too long ago, I wrote about a singer/songwriter showcase at The Walnut Room in Denver and mentioned Andy Palmer. I may or may not have mentioned that he is a beacon of light, radiating positive vibes from his guitar and pure feelings from his vocal cords, and if I hadn’t, I have now. Recently, I had the privilege to listen to his upcoming album The Switch.

Andy Palmer.

Andy Palmer.

My first introduction to Palmer was nothing short of pleasant. Before turning to music full time, Andy was an attorney in New York. After witnessing the weight of the law firsthand, he took an exit and moved to Denver, Colorado where he’s been establishing his musical roots ever since. Even so, much of Palmer’s music and lyrics are influenced by his past experiences as an attorney, making Palmer’s The Switch both provocative and sensitive.

Listen to Palmer’s debut single "Black Moses":

Throughout his new record, Andy addresses America’s convoluted and dark history of racism. The single "Black Moses" honorably nods at humanitarian and abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Palmer also talks about the inevitable contradictions of aspiring to help others in this world, while also trying to live one’s own life. Overall, The Switch is smooth with easy listening melodies, uplifting tracks that are easy on the soul, and full of hopeful tones.   

Very recently, Palmer was selected as one of eight finalists nationwide to compete at the NewSong LEAF Festival singer/songwriter competition, proving Palmer’s planting those musical roots with a strong foundation. If you’re curious to hear and see what Andy Palmer is all about, then you’re in luck! His CD Release Show is happening at The Walnut Room this Friday, May 19th. Be sure to snatch a copy of the album and keep up with Andy Palmer on his website. Tickets to his release show are here.


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