Review: Jeremy Mohney's New EP 'Solving the World's Problems' Will Make You Swing

By: Austin Michon

Historically, the idea of swing conjures up outdated images of dark, smoky rooms with smooth music emanating from within. However, Colorado's own Jeremy Mohney has taken it upon himself to ensure that swing will not be forgotten any time soon, and his latest release will have you loving a genre that some associate with times of the past.

His newest EP, Solving the World’s Problems, seems to do precisely that. With the help of Alex Heffron and Kyle Ussery on guitar, Chris Carland on drums, and Will Kuepper on bass, Jeremy Mohney’s alto sax and smooth vocals transport the listener to a simple, relaxed time of the 1930s while still remaining current.

For a moment, the album takes you away, clears the mind, and lets you just stop and truly enjoy the music. Every track sounds like an authentic Glenn Miller recording, capturing every nuance and essence that makes swing what it is. Kuepper’s upright bass and Carland’s drums form a light, jazzy bounce, while the guitarists and sax layer overtop intertwining with each other.

Jeremy Mohney. 

Jeremy Mohney. 

Keeping a classic swing formula, the instrumentals never bore with the interesting, dynamic solos for which jazz is renowned. Providing a fantastic experience and new way for many listeners to access the genres of swing and jazz, I’m sure that Jeremy Mohney and his band could fuel the sound of any modern day speakeasy. Be sure to catch them at their upcoming show Wednesday, April 12th at Colorado Plus, and keep up with Mohney’s music here.


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