Review: Whole Milk's Debut EP Is Packed With More Than Just Calcium

By: Norman Hittle

Classifying themselves as beach goth/shoegaze, it's difficult not to be curious about Whole Milk’s self-titled debut EP. Thankfully, they do not disappoint, with a roster of dark surf-rock songs that also throw in elements of jazz and psychedelia.

With admissions of following in the footsteps of The Astronauts, Whole Milk’s songs also have nods to early Radiohead (circa The Bends and OK Computer) and even some remnants of the more dirge-ish compositions of The StrokesRoom on Fire.

This four piece- featuring Alec Reid on guitar and vocals, Kevin Netz on keys, Nate Ball on drums, and Devin Burgenbauch on bass- may be new to the scene as Whole Milk, but members roots roll back to former projects such as The Cut and Wolfhawk. Several of them have individually played the circuits of national festivals including Lollapalooza, Gathering of the Vibes, and the Vans Warped Tour with former projects as well.

Check out Whole Milk’s self-titled EP here:

The debut starts out by serenading us with “Aqua Milk,” an instrumental that sounds like a cross between classic Super Mario 3 Waterworld and Broken Bells’ “Trap Doors.” It then switches gears into the alt surf rock “I Don’t Miss You,” and back to the instrumental soundscape with “Mariana’s Lullaby.” “Psychedelic Spirit” follows with sonic remnants of its namesake, and into the droning, heavily distorted guitar filled “Hypnogaja.” The EP concludes with their final instrumental “Spooky Milk,” which reminded me of an eerie bossa nova-infused waterscape.

All around, this record is a fantastic first effort for Whole Milk’s debut. You can catch them appearing May 29th on Sounds, a music showcase hosted by PBS Channel 12 in Denver.


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