Review: Ireland's Empty Lungs Drop New Indie Grunge Rock EP, 'Don't Get It'

By: Trevor Ryan

Empty Lungs recently released their third EP Don't Get It on Hidden Pony Records, and it will undoubtedly leave you wanting so much more from the trio if you get down with indie grunge vibes. Fronted by Matt Carson, the three-piece utilizes classic and new age elements meshed together to produce one insane gem.

Wasting absolutely no time getting you to their sweet sounds on Don't Get It, the three track project confidently throws you into their fresh, original, and upbeat sound from the start. With every track nearly borderlining ballad territory, Don’t Get It will dwell on your mind for days with its immensely catchy hooks and adrenaline pumping breakdowns.

Check out Don't Get It:

The band, who are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have quite the following overseas and online. But what makes this project so unique is the contentment you will get from the record as a whole. You can legitimately feel the raw effort put into each track, and are only left wanting more of their refreshingly distorted sound.

Watch Empty Lungs’ video for “Losing It. FInding It.”:

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