Review: Carry Me Ohio's 'Stonewall' Will Take You Back To Simpler Times

By: Trevor Ryan

When you think of Americana, you might conjure the classics like Bob Dylan, or Robert Earl Keen. Today, the genre has been reinvented by the indie scene, giving us artists with varied sounds in the genre including The Alabama Shakes, Iron and Wine, and Colorado’s Carry Me Ohio.

Fronted and founded by vocalist/guitarist Evan Crouch, Carry Me Ohio is leaving an obvious impression in the midst of the recent renovation of the genre. With classic rock and folk elements, the Boulder four-piece are achieving their own brand of Americana with gems like their 2010 debut Oak and Iron Bound, as well as their most recent record Stonewall.

From beginning to end, Stonewall is a concrete and very comfortable listen. Emotional at times, yes, but comfortable. It's easy to get lost in this record in self-reflection. But what really makes this release stand out is Carry Me Ohio's ability to take on several well-established genres and truly mesh them all together while letting them shine individually. Taking bits from obvious indie sounds, as well as newer country feels, the group also ties in a lot of rock influence. Yet, it doesn't feel over-produced to force these elements, but rather like what kind of fell into place with the album. If you really dive into Stonewall, it's a “take you back to warm, simpler times” type of listen with a very clever sound.


It should be safe to assume that CMO, who are signed with Round Barn Recordings, have created high expectations for their fanbase as to what may come next. The world’s take on music these days is such a beautiful scene if you just listen to the right people, and Carry Me Ohio are definitely in my rotation after Stonewall.

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