San Francisco's Whiskerman Chat With Us About Their Current Tour

By: Sierra Voss

San Francisco’s Whiskerman are stopping by Denver’s Larimer Lounge this Friday, April 21st, so come dance around to all their sweet tunes! Whiskerman is comprised of members Graham Patzner (lead vocals/guitar/violin/keys), Will Lawrence (bass/vocals), Charles Lloyd (guitar/sitar/vocals), Trevor Bahnson (guitar/vocals) and Dan Schwartz (drums). The band became known in the bay area for their downright foot stompin’ folk tunes. Their 2015 album 'Nomad' introduced the band's new soul-infused sound, and currently, the band exists within a beautiful self-created mosaic of folk, soul, rock and roots music. Recently, I interviewed the band on their way to Denver. Read on:

How did Whiskerman come to be? Where did you all meet each other?

Will went to college with Graham's cousin, who encouraged Will to see Graham play solo. Will immediately recognized Graham's immense and unique talents and knew right away that he wanted to play with him. About a year later, they shared a bill with Charles' progressive rock band. They hit it off with Charles and soon thereafter invited him to come to a few practice sessions; Charles officially took up the lead guitar role soon thereafter.

In the fall of 2015, Dan filled in on drums for a run of shows. When the original drummer left the band, Dan was the obvious and perfect choice. Trevor had been in the same music circle for years, playing solo and with other great bands in the area. In November 2016, he joined Whiskerman on tour to open shows as a solo act, joining them on stage for more and more songs as the tour went on, and it became immediately clear that he should join the band full time.



Is this Whiskerman's first tour?

This is our second time coming to Denver, but have been touring loosely for the last five years. We really started hitting it hard this year.  

What is the band’s current theme song on the road?

The theme songs for our tours lately have been "Unknown Legend" by Neil Young and "Family Tradition" by Hank Williams Jr.



I hate to ask this question, but I am going to. What does Whiskerman mean? How did you guys come up with the band name?

It was based around a song that Graham wrote off of our first LP release. Whiskerman is a folk legend who returns during the end of days.  

Any future music coming out soon?

We are working on our fourth full length record right now with no release date set.

Any additional tours on the horizon?

We are playing a nationwide summer tour in July and August, including a stop at Denver Blues and Brews on August 12th!

Listen to Whiskerman’s record Nomad:

Get yourself over to Larimer Lounge Friday to see Whiskerman live for yourself, and keep up with the band here.


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