Real Estate Stopped at Denver's Gothic Theatre Before Coachella This Weekend & Kept Things Chill

By: Sierra Voss

Real Estate cruised into Denver’s Gothic Theatre this week. The band recently created a buzz by releasing their first music video for their single “Darling,” which features a horse named Moose who has become quite famous. Shortly after their release of “Darling,” Real Estate dropped their newest album, In Mind.

Founding band members Martin Courtney (guitar/vocals), Alex Bleeker (bass/vocals), and former member Matt Mondanile meet in high school. It wasn’t until post-college that the three met up again and formed Real Estate. Soon after taking the plunge, they signed to Domino Recording Company and have since played plenty of national music festivals, including Coachella (which they will play again this weekend) and Pitchfork. Last year, Mondanile left the band and was replaced by Julian Lynch (guitar). Real Estate’s current touring lineup also includes Jackson Pollis (drums) and Matthew Kallman (keyboards).

Real Estate’s mission with their new record seems to simply be to keep shit chill. In Mind holds fast to their well known tranquil guitar lines and whimsical lyrical phrases, but is missing some of the flare found in old songs like “It’s Real” or “Had to Hear.” As such, the show was pretty much just that- laid back tranquil vibes reflective of In Mind. Upon taking the stage, band member Bleeker actually lit a stick of Palo Santo. And let’s face it- it doesn’t get much chiller than that.

Beeker and the Palo Santo sticks. 

Beeker and the Palo Santo sticks. 

Following the first song, frontman Courtney announced to the audience that his guitar string broke and asked if anyone out there knew how to restring it. Almost immediately, an audience member began to hop on stage, offering to restring the guitar for him. Newbs move, since it turns out the band was just joking, and handed the guitar off to be dealt with by the pros. But after that, Real Estate’s very chillness continued on with Palo Santo smoke in the air and most of us hoping for a Moose sighting. Keep up with Real Estate’s full tour here.


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