Denver's Coastal Wives Stay True to Their Vows

By: Jura Daubenspeck

It’s the kind of music that sounds dynamic and new, but twirls around you with a vague familiarity. It’s the kind of music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but tells stories that feel relatable and reminiscent. It’s the music of Coastal Wives.

Coastal Wives.

Coastal Wives.

You may have caught them at one of their Underground Music Showcase sets throughout the years, or maybe you’ve snuck into one of their shows in the Denver area. If you’re lucky enough to have seen them play live, you might have found yourself wondering how to categorize their sound before quickly realizing some things just shouldn’t be held to a mold.

Coastal Wives has a little something for everyone. You could label them as indie rock, but that’d be too easy, as there’s so many other sounds sewn into their music. Their sound has a gentle depth to it, and haunting qualities that place you into flashbacks of the storyteller. With vocals that are just the right amount of raspy, and lyrics that you can sink your teeth into, Coastal Wives take indie rock into their own hands and bend it like putty.

Since their inception in 2014, the band has had two releases, Coastal Wives (2015) and Traditions (2016). Listening to the two collections, you can tell that the latter, Traditions, was a more playful, but well thought-out move for the group. The four-song EP has a tighter, fine-tuned quality that feels personal, palatable, and unique. Coming from a group that favors quality over quantity, these releases have left us with just enough solid tuneage to keep us craving more.

Listen to Traditions:

Coastal Wives have been working hard as ever, writing songs and rehearsing every chance they get. They’ll be hitting the studio soon, ready to work on some tantalizing new material sure to please your music-loving ears.

The band will also be performing at Larimer Lounge on April 29th, along with Master Ferocious, Weather Big Storm, and Cool Dogs in the Kennel. So give these guys a listen and be sure to catch them at their upcoming show later this month - it’s a guaranteed good time. Buy your tickets here!

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